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Beyond being a topic of focus in modern body culture, the size and shape of your backside can alter over time, with limited physical activity, or through changes in weight. Failing to achieve results after months of trying to increase the roundness and firmness of your posterior can be discouraging. While some bodies simply fail to gain fat in desirable areas, Dr. Joe Mlakar offers procedures to help increase the size of your backside and contour improved shape through butt lift treatment in Fort Wayne, IN.

Types of Butt Lifts:

A traditional butt lift removes excess skin from the top portion of a person’s buttocks, raising the rear and tightening the skin. This procedure adjusts the shape of the buttocks, decreasing the amount of sagging, loose skin in the area, but does not involve augmenting size of the buttocks through implants or fat transfer, similar to the difference in a breast lift versus breast implants.

A Brazilian butt lift, like the traditional butt lift, reshapes the buttocks. However, this procedure takes the process one step further and takes fat from sections of a patient’s body via liposuction and redistributes the fat into the buttocks, increasing the volume of their backside. This natural butt lift procedure shapes the butt to give it a rounder, fuller appearance and uses your body’s natural fat cells to achieve desired results.

As an added bonus to the butt lift procedure, the liposuction portion slims down fatty areas in other parts of the body, helping to achieve the patient’s desired appearance by trimming certain targeted areas and augmenting others.
For some patients who may not have a surplus of fat cells to use augment buttocks, butt implants, similar to breast implants, can be used to create the desired effect.

Who is Eligible for a Butt Lift?

The traditional butt lift requires that patients be in good-standing health. As the Brazilian butt lift requires additional treatments in order to add volume, it is important that patients are healthy enough to undergo surgery. Additionally, the Brazilian butt lift requires an adequate amount of fat in another portion of the patient’s body in order to complete the procedure.
While smokers and individuals in poor health may not be immediately eligible to undergo surgery, we encourage these individuals to schedule a consultation with Dr. Joe to learn more about their options for improving body aesthetics without compromising their health. 

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To learn more about butt lift procedures available about our plastic surgery office, call our Fort Wayne cosmetic surgeon and schedule a consultation with Dr. Joe Mlakar to discuss your eligibility.

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