Facelifts in Fort Wayne, IN

While natural aging, sun exposure, and changes in body chemistry over the years can create skin laxity, wrinkles, fine lines, and other aesthetic issues that can be treated with liquid fillers, there are some problems that only surgical intervention can permanently and effectively correct. Patients with loose and drooping facial skin find that a facelift is the best way to meet their aesthetic goals.

At Plastic Surgery Innovations, we offer facelifts in Fort Wayne with care that is customized to meet your needs. As there are many differing techniques to target specific areas of the face where loose skin can make patients look tired and prematurely aged, the best approach to cosmetic facial surgery is selecting a procedure that specifically treats areas of concern.

Full Facelifts

A complete facelift is a comprehensive way to approach facial rejuvenation. In a traditional full facelift, the upper face and forehead, mid face, and lower facial area (including jowls) are all typically addressed. For patients who have more extensive issues with loose skin in several areas around the face, a complete facelift may be the best approach.

Dr. Joe can also include eyelid lifts and neck lifts in this approach to care, to ensure that all problem spots look smooth, lifted, and youthful.  Among our facelift procedures, a full treatment has proven to be popular for patients looking to correct deep forehead lines, furrowed eyebrows, and the appearance of jowls. By coupling your full facelift with treatment for the eye area, Dr. Joe can also minimize large bags under the eyes and lift drooping upper eyelids. 

Upper Facelift Treatment

With an upper facelift, Dr. Joe can target deep forehead wrinkles that cannot be alleviated with injectables. This approach to facelift surgery can also help to tighten the brow area, as a common complaint among facelift patients is the unappealing aesthetic of a drooping brow that can make some look stern or aged. When coupled with eyelid surgery, an upper facelift is an ideal way to lift and firm loose skin in the entire upper half of the face.

Mini Facelifts in Fort Wayne, IN

As facelift methodology has changed over the years, techniques have become less invasive and more affordable, while still producing real results. Mini facelifts are a unique and conservative way to treat the areas of the lower face and neck, which Dr. Joe often pairs with eyelid treatment as well. The process for a mini facelift involves creating a comparatively smaller incision and tightening the skin around the lower face. For many, this effect is dramatic and helps to create an overall more youthful and energized aesthetic.  Mini facelifts can significantly minimize pesky loose skin around and under the chin and create a defined facial shape that more closely matches your profile from 10 or 20 years ago.

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At Plastic Surgery Innovations, we make it our goal to provide patients with a treatment plan that caters to their needs and matches their expectations. With a variety of facial plastic surgery treatments that include facelifts of differing methods, our Fort Wayne plastic surgeon can design a procedure that works for you. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation and learn more about our facelift treatments.

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