Cosmetic Nose Surgery in Fort Wayne 

The shape and contour of your nose is an important part of your facial aesthetic – it plays into our estimation of attractiveness. The shape and size of your nose contributes to facial symmetry, but if your nose has bumps, is crooked, or has wide nostrils, it’s easy to feel that your entire appearance is out of balance.

At Plastic Surgery Innovations, we help you feel confident about your appearance by correcting cosmetic nose issues, such as removing a bump or creating an attractive slope to your nose’s tip. With rhinoplasty in Fort Wayne, IN from Dr. Joe, you don’t need to make a significant change to see markedly improved results.

Deciding if Rhinoplasty is Right for You

More commonly called a nose job, rhinoplasty can play a positive role in helping your face look balanced and naturally beautiful.  Treatment varies, depending on your reason for seeking surgery, but all incisions are made inside the nose, so there are no visible scars. In order to achieve your visual goal, Dr. Joe may perform any of the following:

• Straightening the nose
• Trimming cartilage
• Shaping bone
• Building up a flat bridge
• Reducing the size of the nostrils

Dr. Joe is able to correct large and small issues to help your nose complement the shape of your face, instead of standing out against it. We can even help you see estimated results of surgery with 3D imaging. Our cosmetic plastic surgery team has the ability to re-shape your nose into what looks best for you.

Cosmetic Nose Surgery in Fort Wayne, IN

Because there are many complex structures and types of tissue within the nose, rhinoplasty requires a great deal of care and precision. The procedure itself takes about one to two hours, depending if there are other procedures performed in conjunction with rhinoplasty.

Before putting your treatment plan into action, Dr. Joe meets with you for an in-depth conversation about your goals, expectations, and needs. You’ll leave our office feeling confident in the knowledge you’ve gained about how cosmetic nose surgery can benefit you. Dr. Joe and his experienced staff ensure that all of their rhinoplasty patients receive top-quality care before, during, and after cosmetic nose surgery treatment.

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Dr. Joe Mlakar has a great deal of knowledge and skill in improving aesthetics through surgical intervention and can help you realize your facial appearance goals. Our knowledgeable staff welcomes rhinoplasty patients into a safe, comfortable setting where their needs for care and treatment outcomes will be met.

For more information about nose surgery in Fort Wayne, contact our office to schedule your cosmetic surgery consultation.

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