Sclerotherapy from Plastic Surgery Innovations

If unsightly or painful varicose or spider veins are starting to make you self-conscious, then we have your solution. Sclerotherapy effectively treats varicose and spider veins. It's often the treatment of choice for small varicose veins. Virtual no down time.


We inject a solution directly in the broken veins using a very small needle. Slowly the veins will collapse within themselves.  Once the damaged veins have collapsed, the body re-routes the blood to healthier veins. The treated veins will fade away within a few weeks, but occasionally it may take a month or so to see full results. Some patients may need additional treatments.

What to Expect:

Most people are able to go back to normal activities the same day.  You may see bruising at the injection sites or dark streaks along the vein lines. You may be asked to wear compression stockings to quicken the healing process. 

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